कैसे कमाए ₹1.38 करोड़? How I Made $167K From a Small Website & YOU CAN TOO! 🔥

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कैसे कमाए ₹1.38 करोड़? How I Made $167K From a Small Website & YOU CAN TOO! 🔥

In this video, I’m sharing about a Small Website which helped me earn more than 1 CRORE 38 Lakh Rupees by just Selling Digital Products,

If you’re someone who has NO SKILLS & KNOWLEDGE about anything even then you can Start a Digital Product Business & Make Money In 2023! (This is one of the best Part Time Jobs for Students)

Hope you found this video valuable ❤️

🎨 Thumbnail Inspiration : @TheDiaryOfACEO & Ishan Sharma

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Resources I mentioned ⤵︎

Use IDPLR to Build Product – https://www.idplr.com/
Setup Your Website Using Hostinger – https://youtu.be/zAwRHtuexJ0
Tutorial On High Converting Landing Page Creation – https://youtu.be/8hoL4TfHTDw


0:00 Trailer
1:06 Best Way To Earn Money With NO SKILLS
2:10 How I made $167K from one Small Website?
6:01 How can anyone Make Money from Digital Products?
6:42 STEP 1 : Sell Painkiller Not Vitamins
10:11 STEP 2 : Make CRORES with Zero Knowledge
12:35 Example of how people are making lakhs
18:41 STEP 3 : Build Website with ChatGPT
24:07 STEP 4 : How to promote Digital Products?
25:18 The ONLY Way to WIN in 2023
26:08 Conclusion

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About Umer Qureshi :

Umer Qureshi is a vibrant and influential entrepreneur who has encountered numerous difficulties including depression and bullying in school. Despite these obstacles, he was able to create a successful 8-Figure Online Business at a Young Age!

With over 300K+ Subscribers on YouTube & Thousands of Followers on all other Social Media Platforms, He is known for his versatile knowledge of Business, Content Creation, Marketing & Making Money Online!

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  1. Bhi ky ham ek website per. Alag Alag topic dal sakte hai kya jese humane dalna digital marketing ka course or fir humne dala physical health se related course
    Matlab different course dal saktehai kya reply plz

  2. Hi , i have been watching your video and following you ..i really want to earn much ..as my family background is also not good but yeah actually i really want to earn alot but i don't know how to start . Which application is the best which would help me . Pls help me

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