🌈NAIL ART STORYTIME TIKTOK✨LaNa Nails ||Tiktok Compilations Part 683

NAIL ART STORYTIME TIKTOK✨LaNa Nails ||Tiktok Compilations Part 683 Thanks for watching ! #NailStorytime #LaNa_Nails …

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  1. 8:48 NTA, althought you could've come up with a solution with the bride, which you didn't plus you did something childish (taking her to court just because she kicked you out of HER wedding (which she has every right to do so because it's HER wedding, not yours) and not because the dresses and shoes you paid for is still in her possession), you also went out of your way to do things that weren't necessary and became salty when she kicked you out (who wouldn't be?). It's true that her wedding doesn't revolve around you, but she has no right in deciding wether your hair should be cut or not. You can't do anything about being sick and you informed her 2 weeks before the wedding in advance. But I'm glad you got the money back since it was rightfully yours.

  2. Bro I feel so bad for the girl that was losing hair, like honestly how does any sort of human shoes hairstyle over health!? I hope she’s doing well.

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