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  1. I have a question regarding Cafe Press and PayPal:

    Q: is it possible that I could sell outside countries like USA & Europe?
    Let’s say that I’m from an African Country, can I use Cafe Press and sell from there?
    Does Asian, Middle Eastern countries count too?

    Q: can I create two or more PayPal accounts using the same phone number?

  2. i'm barely 16 and my grandma is struggling to make money to support all of my family, so i'm doing everything i can to help her, and buy a mac book and minecraft

    i've been doing graphic design and art for years already, i'll try my best

  3. @Wholesale Ted Hello there Sarah, thank you for the awesome video! 🙂 <3 Quick question, in terms of traffic, do we need to do additional promoting once we have our designs on Cafe Press, or does the platform have that already taken care of? Thank you in advance 🙂

  4. im researching what i can do my parents after a long period they permanently divorced so my mom have a project of starting to sell candles and it is incredible because i researched some stuff and her shop is very promising it is beautiful and very charming definetly stands out from most candle shops and i am thinking of baking cakes this kind of sells a lot around but still gotta research some

  5. i’m 15 ab to be 16 and i am really wanting to move to california with a friend when i’m 19 or 20 so i’m a trying to start saving money up for that and also to help out my mom with stuff

    i’m going to try cafe press or red bubble because it seems the easiest and the thing i would enjoy doing most out of these

  6. Godddddddd, so Informative and inspiring. Did I find this video late ?
    Nevermind, I'll still start working on these ideas and hopefully make a difference in my life.
    Much love, Thanks Sarah ????

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