• Kashish Ahuja

    January 24, 2023 - 8:08 pm


  • Mahesh Kakar

    January 24, 2023 - 8:08 pm

    Congratulations for the new job.
    And I am happy to say that I got job in netherland and I will come to eindhoven location so I will like if you help me to get the house and any contact number for house related thing.
    Again congratulations to you for new job.

  • Anil T

    January 24, 2023 - 8:08 pm

    Hi Satya…Firstly Congrats…
    is a takehome salary of 4000euro good for a single to live nearby amsterdam?

  • Satyaki Mallick - Data Guy in Netherlands

    January 24, 2023 - 8:08 pm

    Hey Guys, now there is a Discord. This is mainly for people who are already in Eindhoven, and struggling to have a social life. Socializing and having friends in this COVID times in a foreign country is really hard. I understand that All internationals are welcome to talk to other internationals, arrange activities and build friendships. We are here for each other. Make friendships, I encourage all of you! Link – https://discord.gg/R9e26J2MRZ

    Also, people who are interested in TU/e can join the Discord and ask Questions but that will be in a specific channel and is optional. If students are free, they might answer you, but that is not the primary objective of this Discord Server.

    Cheers ! πŸ™‚

    Also please don't add people as friends unless you know them personally or they agreed to be friends. Don't creep out people.