Elajjaz【Livestream】: Die Younger[4] (CC CHAT)

Closed Captions for CHAT replay!

Video games performed: Die Younger 00:00:00 (Taken from Twitch API)
Streamed on: 2019-09-22
Unique complete identify: No longer death lately! 🤠 @Elajjaz Twitter_Instagram

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That is an automatic channel that uploads unedited streams of Elajjaz with chat. As used to be most definitely glaring from the identify, this channel is totally unofficial and isn’t related or hooked up with Elajjaz in any respect, that is only a fan challenge since i sought after to maintain the entire chat incorporated enjoy 🙂

This channel is totally unmonetized and ALWAYS shall be, any advertisements proven are the results of (a lot of) content material identity Fits.

If Elajjaz has any issues of this, please touch upon a video or e-mail me, even though it make take a few days for me to learn it as a result of the automatic nature of this channel.