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  1. The website has been running for 15 years, have 747,643 members and have paid out $20,000 in that time …… That means on average members have earned $37.38 in 15 YEARS. How exactly are you getting $120 PER HOUR …. love to hear what you have to say on this one.

  2. bullshit websites I tried them, they always have an excuse to do not get things done, in the end you will not have money in your pocket. If they pay you, just couple of cents, I wish we one day we could make money online.

  3. Heyyy I have questions I din't notice , This means that after registering on these websites, those sites will post a video for us to watch, or I can watch any video I want on YouTube. Pls answer me
    And I also subscribed u

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