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  1. Just made my covers and interiors using BookBolt. When I go through all the steps in KDP, it goes from “in review” to “draft” but everything says it’s ok, checks throughout and the preview says there’s no issue. What could be causing it to go to “continue setup”???

  2. 📣📕📗Title: The Signs language of Adam- The Ancient Language Master Key, Untold story of Language – Volume I: The origin of the ancient Hebrew letters, words and the roots of scripture culture and language
    Hebrew and English Decoded!
    Volume I – Book One: The Ancient Language Master Key, Untold story of Language
    ⭐️🔥⚡️The letters: Rish, Quf, Chit, Tav, Hey, Samech, Pey
    The origin of the ancient Hebrew letters, words and the roots of ancient scripture, the roots of modern culture and language
    Author: Kanyavsky Moti
    📘✒️💛How did ancient prehistoric symbols become letters, language and Hebrew letters which evolved into other languages? How were the German language, Indo-European, and other languages influenced by the ancient Hebrew language and “borrowed” their word roots from it?
    👌🔥💥What is the oldest language? What do the words mean? Discoveries shed light on the beginnings of the ancient language. The building blocks of the Hebrew language and other later related languages. What are they made of? How were they created? and how are they used and why? The meaning of the ancient Hebrew symbols, from the beginning of human culture to the end of the ice age and the beginning of the agricultural revolution. We speak in words that come from symbols. Each symbol in the Hebrew language has an ancient meaning. There are no "coincidences" in the roots of the words. If your language interests you, and you want to understand the meaning of the words, spelling, and symbols you speak, this book is for you! This book is dedicated and intended for all Hebrew people scattered around the world, among the nations, wherever they are. A must-read book for any Hebrew, German, and English speaker! A revolution in language research!
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  3. I want to use my own content. My own pictures. Can I use Book Bolt for cover and use my own. How would I add the inside pages? Would it be one page at a time? Thank you.

  4. Will book bolt allow you to create a duplicate of someone else's book? For instance if I see a notebook in target that I like can I duplicate it are their copyright laws that apply? Can you talk about the legalities?

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