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The minimum investment is 10USDT
NIOC-Oil only supports USDT recharge on TRC20 network
Minimum withdrawal amount is 1 USDT��No withdrawal charges��
System refresh time is 00:00 Salt Lake City Time (GMT-6)
Sign up and get 20 USDT for free

NIOC-VIP1 investment 10USDT – daily income 2.3USDT
NIOC-VIP2 investment 68USDT – daily income 14USDT
NIOC-VIP3 investment 368USDT – daily income 77USDT
NIOC-VIP4 investment 668USDT – daily income 143USDT
NIOC-VIP5 investment 1668USDT – daily income 363USDT
NIOC-VIP6 investment 3668USDT – daily income 800USDT
NIOC-VIP7 investment 6668USDT – daily income 1488USDT
NIOC-VIP8 investment 9668USDT – daily income 2202USDT
NIOC-VIP9 investment 16668USDT – daily income 3888USDT
NIOC-VIP10 investment 36668USDT – daily income 8888USDT

Level 3 subordinates of NIOC-Oil Platform enjoy investment rebates
Team A: “A” deposits 1,000 USDT and you get 120 USDT (12%).
Team B: “B” recharges 1,000 USDT and you get 20 USDT (2%).
Team C: “C” deposits 1,000 USDT and gets 10 USDT (1%).

NIOC-Oil Platform – Team Deposit Bonuses
The third-level subordinates can get the following rewards if they recharge to the corresponding amount within 24 hours:

The team recharges 100 USDT within 24 hours, and rewards 3 USDT
The team recharges 500 USDT within 24 hours, and rewards 15 USDT
The team recharges 1,000 USDT within 24 hours, and rewards 30USDT
The team recharges 5,000 USDT within 24 hours, and rewards 150 USDT
The team recharges 10,000 USDT within 24 hours, and rewards 300 USDT
The team recharges 50,000 USDT within 24 hours and rewards 2,400 USDT
The team recharges 100,000 USDT within 24 hours and rewards 5800 USDT

Remarks: A B C Level 3 subordinates�� input within 24 hours a day is considered a valid reward criterion.


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make money online


make money online


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