• @Emmatrading93

    April 20, 2024 - 8:35 pm

    Not every break is a real break!🚫❌

    Everything I write has meaning.💻

    The impulse break shows a very strong power of the buyers/sellers.💪

    I know that sometimes the emotion takes over, and you just want to enter the trade already.🤯

    But this is where our skill comes in, as traders. Knowing when to enter, when to exit, when to leave a certain trade.🔥

    its not easy.❌

    But it's work.✔️

    Patience and perseverance.‼️

    Remember that an impulse break should be a very strong break with a large volume.💯

    Not every break is a strong break.📊

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  • @faizanrehan6038

    April 20, 2024 - 8:35 pm

    Love from india!!… mam

  • @l1pevg889

    April 20, 2024 - 8:35 pm

    İçerik için teşekkürler!! İhtiyacımız olan tek şey, kripto para birimlerine nasıl yatırım yapacağımız konusunda iyi bir tavsiye ve böylece hayata hazır olacağız. Bu yıl, piyasa koşullarından bağımsız olarak kripto para piyasasında işlem yaparak 1 milyon dolardan fazla para kazandım.

  • @godsbattle

    April 20, 2024 - 8:35 pm

    Replay tool mf 😂😂

  • @vnormikoluvformi

    April 20, 2024 - 8:35 pm

    Crazy ❤

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