Self-Completing Survival – Financial Crisis [GTA Online Jobs]

The AFK survival job on Social Club (PC):

Music by JCM:



  1. Flex is pretty smart to figure some of this stuff out, I probably would have figured about half this shit out but as usual another interesting and great video. Keep it up👍

  2. you know you gotta love this, the professional spends all his time grinding and grinding to a billion dollars, while ignoring that the head of gta onlines development only cares about the freaky deaky roleplayers and player retention, not whether or not the game is good anymore, IE Via the tezfun2 post about it on the 21st of November this month, and you, you find out ways to just cheat the system so it gives you money while you go to the bathroom

    and you wonder why i watch you and not him lol and also his voice, good god almighty, I swear he must be professior frinks cousin with how he talks, and he is the very definition of what people would call an incel to boot too lol

  3. It looks like some kind of totem and NPCs are being sacrificed to the gods. But let's be honest that's all they deserve for driving into us unprovoked and their unnatural aiming skills.

  4. Good job flexcreator, you've recreated The Lemmings in GTA Online! xD
    It was pretty interesting to see the overall creation process too, with the amount of time & effort spend putting things together, as well as any testing/experimentation etc along the way, until you were satisfied enough to spend more time "playing" (heh) than any further creating/testing 😛

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