Inform Me About Your self – A Just right Resolution to This Interview Query

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On this video, I can train you the inform me about your self activity interview solution so you’ll be able to stand out in entrance of hiring managers and land extra activity provides.

You are going to discover ways to solution the inform me about your self query very easily through enforcing Four easy attempted and true pointers.

There are lots of conceivable interview solutions inform me about your self query, however I can display you some way that can at all times get the employers’ consideration as a way to be employed!

Floor Laws to Know Prior to I Percentage the Inform Me About Your self Resolution Pattern:

Once they ask you to inform me about your self in interview it’s crucial that you don’t speak about your individual/circle of relatives existence however as a substitute center of attention to your skilled background and credentials.

Secondly, have in mind to inform a tale. Now not a existence lengthy tale, however your skilled paintings tale consisting of your paintings reports, {qualifications} and why you’re a just right are compatible for this position.

Four Main Tricks to Inform Me About Your self Task Interview Resolution come with:

Tip # 1: Give a snapshot of your paintings historical past.
Tip #2: Make your mini tales achievement-oriented.
Tip #3. Inform the employer what you KNOW about this position.
Tip #4. In spite of everything, inform the employer WHY you’re the RIGHT are compatible for what they want.

Watch the video and now you know the way to way THIS interview query, are you aware in case your resume is just right sufficient to even land the interview within the first position?



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  1. Interview Tell Me About Yourself – How to Answer the Tell Me About Yourself Question // Thank you for watching my video! Please tell me what YOUR favourite tip was? Leave your comments below!

  2. I thought this was that boring ass question males / females ask when you trying to get into a relationship 😭😂

  3. What I "love" about most of the career coaches out there is that every time they give an example of people who have 10 years of experience in a certain role or industry, have won 20 rewards etc. What about people who dont have many years of experience, or have no experience, or havent won any rewards? If I have the profile described by most of the career coaches in their examples trust me I will not need a career coach to tell me how to answer interview questions… most of these videos are obviously made for managers or CEOs with thousands of years of experience and millions of awards…. What you do here is just to make normal people without rewards for their job feel even more nervous and scared of the interview as they are thinking:" Oh, no…. what do I do now? I obviously need to be an expert with 20 years of experience to answer even a simple interview question …" I think it's very important to know your audience before making such a video and trust me your audience is not people that you describe in this video!

  4. Why interview is so complicated, we are in engineering not to be taught how to handle this. why you guys at HRD making this working thing so difficult

  5. Guyz. Malapit na mag 1M subscribers. Help nyo nman ako ma reach. Hehe.. Help ko din kayo..;) thank u so Much. 🙂

    Joke lang po yong 1M. Isa palang po ata subscriber ko. Pasubscribe nlng po please. Hehehe

  6. Interviewer! Where will you see yourself after five years??
    Well, after five years I would be in the place of yours, cause I want to replace you at your position.

  7. Ok but I've had 5 positions since I started working, including internships and if I summarized each of them it would take ten minutes of a 30 minute interview… 🙁

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