Top 10 Niches To Make Money Online (NEW 2022)

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  1. I don't like creating products online I tried red bubble and never had anything its only after a year that I saw my shop wasn't still build and I thought leaving it all this time will get me something I created a tones of design but got nothing its too time consuming and slow personally I dont trust this way of doing money but if it works for u and other people then great keep it on <3 one youtube family 😀

  2. I have only recently started my ecommerce journey, and I have only just discovered you! I've already watched tonnes of your videos, and your simple approach and comprehensive tips make this huge E-universe so much less intimidating. Also, your personality is really relatable, which is becoming increasingly rare on the net. Keep up the good work! On another note; have you noticed that whenever an American celebrity 'attempts' to do an Aussie accent, it sounds New Zealand? Thanks again Sarah, from Jeremy, from across the pond.

  3. My question with the mention of National Parks clothing, isn’t that kind of thing trademarked? I love the idea, but would hate to get in trouble!

  4. Fantastic rundown as usual, always enjoy your videos. I think I'll look more into the custom products one first as that niche has always excited me and I can easily add them to my existing POD store. Thank you!

  5. I just opened Etsy shop yesterday and did the first listing (mock) I went in a couple hours later to add a real listing and I was already suspended ???? not very hopeful for this I have to wait up to a week to get a reply why I’m suspended.

  6. You’re really changing lives with your videos! Finally someone who actually has clear and realistic tips on genuinely passive income ????????????

  7. No. 10 was really the cherry on top, I was thinking while watching will she mention something of my own interest among the others?!
    Thank you for inspiring us ????

  8. Ok this is off topic: You're the only YouTuber from whose ideas I made some money. 28 euros, It's not something, but it's still something. Unlike other YouTubers, the vast majority are just click bytes, and Their ideas are sometimes pure fraud. I would like to thank you for your ideas and wish you a lot of success and good health in 2022.

  9. Happy New Year!!Curious questions: Can I use the same email same social media account like on redbubble, amazon, etc. Or should I make new email address and social media per site? Thanks

  10. Pet people — just a must-mention, many mass product items are dangerous or unhealthy so please choose carefully what you promote. There’s plenty of room to sell dog products that are safe, just be selective. ????????????????????❤️

  11. So good to see Sarah again. Happy New Year Sarah to you and family ???? one question who on Earth was filming you when you were on your vacations. And you're a solo traveler? Thanks and have a great year

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