1. I wish when lunatic people want to kill themselves, please just do it in the corner of your room, drink poison or whatever. Do not kill innocent people who have nothing to do with your crazy mind.

  2. This is what happens since 3 convictions for reckless driving isn't enough to suspend the defendant's driver's license for life. Not to mention, in this case, 13. Reckless driving should be a felony.

  3. ONE OF THE WORST KILLERS are reckless drivers resulting to the deaths of innocent people!!!! And these reckless drivers still being ALIVE!!!!!! as they should to face justice!!!!

  4. This lady deserves life in prison. Idc if she’s ‘mentally ill’ she had many chances to change. She was competent enough to to become a nurse , but couldn’t figure out how to drive safely? Who gave her her license back? She’s a piece of shit.

  5. The only thing slightly less terrifying than the crash was that woman’s fingernails 💅!!! Must be “that part” 🦍🏃🏾‍♂️🦧🏃🏾‍♀️ of LA! 🤦‍♂️🙄😏

  6. Any driver with one or more at fault accident must go through rigorous driving and mental test before being permitted to drive again. Defensive class or petty fine will not deter such behavior

  7. We already weaponize DMV records to get what we want politically. There's hateful mean people looking for attention in their city government. They do this ALL day. Court employees connected with DMV records love targeting people. Showing leadership means doing this is a specific way to avoid the lack of focus. We can remove people drivers license and keep roads safe. I actually drive away from people on purpose because you don't know what they're going to do. Getting away is important for your safety. I look at peoples tires, I look at their car, I try to determine if they're trying swerve and wreck my car. Gangs do things targetted together, they use crazy people to do their bidding. I shit you not. When it comes to the courts, it looks like a crazy person. They dump a vehicular manslaughter on a homeless person they picked up and had convinved to kill their target. That's the truth. If you guys want your Democrat illegal crap, you have to face the music. We need to use AI traffic cameras appropriate. Dubuque county white law enforcement women current park in front of your home to harass you with hand movements when they see something "interesting", that's a sign of wasted time. Kike me, you know. That's their fault for allowing their females to fratenize with low lives from their 3 bullshit colleges. You guys can use AI appropriate to assist in the catching of mentally ill people. They'll do crazy shit without being pissed off. There's better conferences and better money spent on training and even better money spent on management to manage personalities that would abuse policy for their own benefit.

  8. That's not a highway no need or excuse for that high rate of speed. Emergency vehicles don't even go that fast. Hope she gets life in prison. The death penalty is not punishment enough for the crime.

  9. It’s so insane to watch everyone around her driving like 35 mph and she comes barreling through at 90+. How did she even get to that speed?!? This had to have been intentional.

  10. Damn I hate that she also has had many serious traffic accidents and shoukd have had her license revoked and locked up after wreck number 2 that caused life threatening injuries to numerous people.. How many people does she have to murder before she is held responsible and the judge that kept letting her go after all these wrecks should be help liable as well for letting her go. What a senseless stupid accident I'm sure someone in that family is just waiting for her to come out of prison so she can have a wreck of her own 😉

  11. If you've ever driven in Texas, the fact that a Houston woman caused this should be no surprise. Those mofos are insane down there. I live in Arkansas, and I can tell the second I cross the Texas state line because the overall speed of traffic increases significantly. Texans drive like their heads are gonna explode if they aren't going a minimum of 90 mph.

  12. Put her away for life this is beyond sad it kills me because she survived the crash outta all the ppl that was killed how crazy is that , PUT HER AWAY FOR LIFE SHE DONT NEED TO BE BEHIND THE WHEEL OF A CAR EVER AGAIN …

  13. Thank You KHOU~11 for making this clip detailed & short so we can share & learn! … Deepest condolences to the Families & Friends … 🙏 May the innocent Souls be Blessed to a Better World & Realm … ÖM MÅNÏ PÅDMÈ HÜM 🕯🌷🌿🌍💗🕊

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